Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We clean all types of  Carpets & upholstery.  We use steam cleaning technology to ensure total clean satisfaction

  Let’s face it, upholstery doesn’t seem to soil as fast as carpets. Does that mean that it doesn’t need to be cleaned? Absolutely not. The type of soil is simply different. Most soil on furniture is either food based, the most obvious, or human based (in other words the oil off our bodies). Our bodies secrete oil all the time. When you sit in your chair, where is the oil going? Yep, into the fabric. Now consider this: how long would you wear a shirt before washing it? A day? A week? 10 years? We wash our clothes regularly, why not the furniture we spend hours a day in? We are not saying that you have to clean your upholstery nearly as often as clothes, but do you see the point? A yearly cleaning for your heavily used furniture is certainly not excessive. Try it. We also are now using the Hydro Kinetic Upholstery Tool. Doesn’t mean much to you? Don’t worry. We are excited! This means better cleaning and lower dry times for your furniture.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most common questions asked by our clients. Please look over the info below, or call us today to speak to a friendly staff member.

Q: What type of carpet & upholstery cleaning to you do?

A: We use what is known as hot-water extraction or what is commonly refered to as ‘steam’ cleaning. All of our machines are truck mounted.

Q: Do you use the same water?

A: Some systems do recycle the water, but our does NOT for several beneficial reasons. Whether we’re cleaning your carpets or cleaning your upholstery we only use fresh water to clean your home.

Q: When is the best time to have my carpets cleaned?

A: Anytime! When you need your carpets cleaned we’ll be ready. Keep in mind though, that some times of the year may either add to or decrease the time it takes to dry.

Q: What do your services offer?

A: We have a ‘package’ price. In other words, we don’t try to nickel and dime you once we’re in your home. We perform all of the following services while in your home:

• Move Furniture • Pretreat the Traffic Areas • Remove Spots • Groom the Carpets  

Q: What other things do you offer?

A: We also offer Restaurant Hood Cleaning, building/vinyl side cleaning and Air duct cleaning.

Q: How do you determine the price?

A: We charge by the square foot.

Q: When should I call?

A: Now sounds good! 🙂         contactusnow